Self Guided Tours

Heritage Rose Trail

The trail was created for the 9th International Heritage Rose Conference held in Charleston, South Carolina October 14-18, 2001. The roses are a gift to the citizens of Charleston to enjoy in perpetuity.   Click here to learn more and download the map.

Layers of the Landscape - Hampton Park

Charleston has a rich history, some of it hidden beneath the city. The Charleston Horticultural Society's "Layers of the Landscape" project showcases significant changes that have occurred over time in the City's landscape, the major figures and discoveries that make up Charleston's horticultural heritage, and key gardens and sites that make up today's horticultural environment.At Hampton Park, the first in the series of "Layers of the Landscape" sites, an audio-walking tour reveals some of the rich history and culture that lies beneath its paths. Hampton Park and its immediate environs have a history both bright and dark, with rich and fascinating stories. The Charleston Horticultural Society's tour brings Hampton Park's history to life. 

Premiered in April of 2006, "The Layers of the Landscape at Hampton Park" takes approximately 30 minutes.The audio tour is available as a FREE download by  clicking here, or it may be purchased as a CD packaged with the long-version transcription booklet with biography and notes for $12.00. Please email us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or, call the office at 843-579-9922.

Click the links below to download the corresponding audio tour section.

Layers of Landscape - Part 1

Layers of Landscape - Part 2

Layers of Landscape - Part 3

Layers of Landscape - Part 4

Layers of Landscape - Part 5